Genre: Action RPG, Dungeon Crawler
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac
Developer: Dronami (Oakland, CA)
Projected Release: March 2016 (Greenlight)
Social: Twitter, Youtube
Demo: Windows, Mac
SlideThru is an Action RPG like no other. It's a fresh take on old-school dungeon crawlers with a one-of-a-kind real-time battle system and a unique alien world to explore.
Intense, fresh, challenging, party-based real-time combat.
Hordes of insane creatures and bosses to fight.
Use special abilities and items in the heat of battle.
Multiple difficulties for experts and beginners alike.
Manage morale, build friendships, and trade items.
Tackle diverse side missions with unique objectives.
Find and (visually) equip fighter-specific weapons and armor.
Fighter-specific dialogue trees for NPCs show multiple perspectives.
Travel across an open alien world filled with personality.
Explore and fight through 3D grid-based dungeons.
Discover treasure, solve puzzles, and unlock secret areas.
Experience a humorous, unique, character-driven story.
Dronami is an independent video game developer specializing in games with innovation and a distinct personality. Dronami seeks to provide intense, unique gameplay experiences that you can't get anywhere else. To achieve this, Dronami games emphasize simple design and 2D graphics so more development time can be dedicated to gameplay, innovative features, and content.
Dronami is a proud developer that values artistic expression over financial success. Therefore, Dronami games contain intense and bizarre content as well as experimental gameplay features that larger developers would shy away from. Dronami guarantees that its games are one-of-a-kind.
Dronami is a one-man-team comprised of Andreas Mavromatis. He creates games using a formal education in Computer Science, self-taught art skills, and an immense experience of playing classic and some modern games. Dronami hires various artists to compose its music.