Welcome to Trillion Trees! It's a jungle out here, and yer buddy Dose is the king! Experience a farming RPG and alien wildlife simulator like no other.
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Genre: Farming RPG
Platforms: PC, Linux, Mac
Developer: Dronami
Projected Release:2017
Social: Twitter, Youtube
Trillion Trees is an alien nature simulator and farming RPG. Cultivate crops, build structures, and raise offspring to help you stomp out the competition. Explore a sprawling open world teeming with life, personality, challenge, and fun. Feed your ambitions by conquering Trillion Trees and reign supreme as the King/Queen of the Jungle!
Plant, water, and harvest over 20 unique crops.
Innovative irrigation system lets you to automatically water plants.
Harness the power of poop to fertilize plants. Everybody poops!
Discover the perfect way to raise each crop to yield "Super Fruits!"
Innovative G.U.T.S. system lets you upgrade your body by eating.
Jump higher, run faster, hold more water, store more stuff, and ???
Gain new abilities like Digging, Super Stomp, and Crop-Gun.
After eating enough ???, poop out an egg to create offspring!
Raise offspring right. Once grown, they'll help farm and fight!
Feed 'em right! Offspring can grow into one of 6 forms.
Combine items into other items to build structures!
Utilize buildings to speed-up farming and enhance offspring.
Generate and harness electricity and water to power buildings.
Engage hostile creatures with a turn-based RPG battle system.
Explore dangerous underground dungeons to find rare items.
Battle alongside offspring to target enemy weaknesses.
Defeat rival farmers and eat them to claim their land.
Fight and catch aquatic creatures in a shmup boss rush minigame!
Domesticate, raise, and devour wildlife.
Compete to achieve the best scores in Challenge Mode.
Split screen drop-in co-op and and competitive multiplayer.
Customize your appearance and wear a wide variety of hats. Yay!
Good, clean(ish) fun that's suitable for players of all ages.